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Hi, I'm Broset. Other than playing games and reading my favorite light novels, I want to become a developer. So far, I have grown fond of web applications. It’s really nice to develop an app once and run it on multiple platforms. Aside from working my way to become a web developer, I also find another interest in IoT projects. Anyway, here is some of my recent projects:

Schedule Schemer

Schedule Schemer, web application built with Django, one of my latest project, used to generate students schedule base on their selection in which managed by the admin access or the school's registrar. Check out


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JS Abbr Switcher JS Whack a Mole JS Timer JS Video Speed Controller JS Mouse Interface JS Dropdown JS Handler JS Sticky Nav JS TXT To Speech JS Link Follow JS Geo Com JS Talk JS Camera JS Tally JS Sort Array JS Shadow Ring JS Order List JS References vs Clone JS Slide from Roll JS Secret Code JS HTML5 JS To Do JS Console JS Canvas JS Array P2 JS Ajax JS Flex Panel JS Array JS CSS Var JS Analog Clock JS Piano Schedule Schemer Traffic Optimizer Transaction System My Tracker Note Keeper Vehicle Legal System Alumni Management System The Writer


These are the tools that I familiar with:

Web Application
Boostrap + Django
Micro Controller
ESP32 + Micropython
Content Management
Wordpress + Divi
Mobile Application
React + Ionic + Firebase
Frequently Used
Python + JavaScript

Updated in July 04, 2021
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